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Good to Know
information for the photography client

Over the last few years I have answered numerous questions from clients and perspective clients - anything from "what are your prices" to "what should we wear", and lets not forget the old favorite "when is my gallery going to be ready” - although many of these answers can be found directly on my website, some people just want the answer to their specific question and not have to dig through a website. And trust me, I get it - I used to work in the financial industry where most communications had to be clear, concise and to the point - so lots and lots of bullet points.  
I also understand that many people may be booking their first professional portrait session (maternity, family, newborn, senior portraits, etc.) and may not know all the things.  
So this year  I will be sharing information periodically in hopes that someone finds it beneficial. I am going to call these posts “Good to Know”.

“When Should I Book My Session?” Part 1 (Maternity & Newborn). Published January 6, 2022

“When Should I Book My Session?” Part 2 (Family Sessions). Published January 18, 2022

Tips for a Successful Family Session. Published August 27, 2022

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