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About Me

I was first introduced to photography when I was a sophomore in Ms. Marsh’s “Intro to Photography” class at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati Ohio.    Being able to look through the viewfinder and capture life as I saw felt like magic.  I instantly fell in love.  For the next few years I spent many hours in the dark room.  At one point Ms. Marsh suggested that I submit a few of my pictures to several competitions, and I actually won first and second place as well as a scholastic award.  Although I decided to pursue a professional career in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Photography was always my true passion. I ended up in NJ as I pursued a Graduate degree, but managed to picked up a camera here and there.

In June of 2002, I was the maid of honor at my friend’s wedding. She had asked me to take a few pictures while she was getting ready. That’s just about the time when photojournalistic wedding photography and digital photography were becoming mainstream. I was working on Wall Street at the time and hadn’t really held a camera since my sister’s wedding in 2001. I shot a few pictures here and there and made sure not to get in the way of the photographer hired for the event.

A few months passed and my friend and her husband came for a visit. She handed me an envelope. Inside was their wedding “thank you” note. The front cover featured one of my pictures; the happy couple in her parents’ yard, holding hands. On the back was a photo credit to me. I teared up, it was unexpected; I was shocked and honored at the same time.  When my friend handed me the envelope, she also said, “you might want to think about doing this full-time. That’s when I began to put myself out there.  I worked with a wedding planner and photographed several weddings and other events; I really loved it.  For 11 years I photographed any chance I got, offering mini sessions on spring and fall weekends and picking up events here and there.

In October 2013, after 13 years working on Wall Street, I walked away from the corporate world and decided to pursue my dreams.

I am based in Fort Mill, SC with my husband, two children & our dogs.  I do travel back to NJ on a regular basis to photograph clients because that is where my journey began.

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